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Urban Classics FV8621C - Backpack Forvert Tarp Lorenz

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Urban Classics FV8621C

The Forvert Tarp Lorenz Backpack FV8621 is a unisex backpack from Urban Classics . Both light and elegant , this backpack will be your best ally for all outings. With a 100% polyester canvas , right down to its lining, Forvert Tarp Lorenz Backpack FV8621 is easy to wear and grants a casual air . With its chic design , this backpack goes perfectly with your everyday outfit. This one- size-fits -all model is available in several colors : black, grey, plum and white. Polyester is known for its resistance , moreover it does not wrinkle . The brand name is printed on the front and on the back straps. In addition to the two straps, the bag also has a small handle that allows it to be carried with one hand. The backpack is equipped with a pocket in the lower left part . The closures of the backpack are all very waterproof .

Reference : FV8621
Outer fabric 1: 100% polyester
Lining 1: 100% polyester
Colours: White, Plum, Grey, Black
Unique size

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